Administrative Forms

The following types of modifications may be requested using the Form 1000:

  1. No-cost extension;
  2. Budget;
  3. Personnel;
  4. Other (e.g. change of Principal Investigator).

In order to submit a modification request the following documents are required:

  • Completed Form 1000 with the necessary signatures in the bottom fields and Institutional seal (scanned in PDF format). Please note that for no-cost extension requests for cooperative awards it is required that each Principal Investigator submit a separate copy of Form 1000.
  • A justification, explaining the necessity of the proposed changes.
  • A short CV for each new participant (for personnel modification).
  • For administrative modifications please present a detailed explanation of the proposed changes.

General Guidelines:

  • Please complete only those sections of Form 1000 which are relevant to the proposed changes.
  • All documents must be in English and must be submitted together.
  • Modification requests received less than 60 days in advance of the expiration of the project will only be considered under exceptional circumstances. Requests received less than 30 days in advance of the expiration of the project will not be considered.
  • Please submit all modification requests to your assigned GRDF Representative.
  • Detailed instructions on completing Form 1000 are located inside the form.
  • Once a modification is approved and fully executed on behalf of CRDF/GRDF it is returned to both PIs via email and will be considered part of the existing Project Agreement.
  • Budget and personnel changes for US teams do not require submission of Form 1000. A written justification from the US Principal Investigator is sufficient. Please contact your assigned Grant Representative with any questions.
 Download Form 1000: Administrative Modification Request

This form confirms that foreign participating institutions adhere to the highest ethical and moral standards and conform to U.S. and international law when applicable. This document must be approved prior to award activation.

 Download Form 800: Foreign Pre-Award Certification Form

This form is used to register banking information of the Georgian Principal Organization.

 Download Form 804: Bank Account Registration Form
 Download CRDF/GRDF Award Budget Template


This form is required as a supplement to all proposals submitted to CRDF/GRDF for funding projects involving human subjects research.

 Download Protocol Summary Form

Equipment, Supplies & Services (ESS)

The attached MS Excel file contains all forms related to Equipment, Supplies & Services transactions under CRDF/GRDF projects, including payment request forms and required reporting forms.

It contains:

  1. “Request for Equipment, Supplies & Services” – This form is the standard request for CRDF/GRDF to make direct payment to a vendor for project-related equipment, supplies or services.
  2. “Request for ESS Utilizing Institutional Support Funds” – This form is the standard request for CRDF/GRDF to make direct payment to a vendor for project-related equipment, supplies or services using Institutional Support funds.
  3. “Individual Supplies & Services Payment Request” – This form is to be used when requested and advance or reimbursement to an individual project participant to be used for the purchase of supplies or services under the award.
  4. “Individual Supplies and Services Advance Payment Expense Report” – This is the standard report to be submitted to CRDF/GRDF documenting how advances to individuals have been spent.
  5. “Equipment Usage Log” – This is a standard template to be used by grantee institutions to monitor the usage of major capital equipment provided under CRDF/GRDF awards. This log is only necessary if it is explicitly required in your CRDF/GRDF project agreement terms and conditions.
  6. “Final Property Inventory Report” – This document is submitted with the Final Report for all CRDF/GRDF awards after the award has terminated.
 Download Form 300: Equipment, Supplies & Services

 Download Balance Sheet Certificate

 Download Act of Acceptance

Financial Report Form

The attached document is the standard Institutional Support Expense Report.

 Download Form 502: Institutional Support Expense Report

Individual Financial Support (IFS)

Use of this form is mandatory for all participants under CRDF/GRDF awards requiring participant time-keeping.

 Download Participant Timesheet

The attached document is the standard CRDF/GRDF form for ALL grantees to request Individual Financial Support under CRDF/GRDF awards.

 Download Request for Individual Financial Support

Institutional Support (IS)

The attached file is the CRDF Form 500: Request for Institutional Support.

 Download Form 500: Institutional Support Request


This form is used to list award-related information of project personnel for CRDF/GRDF awards.  A worksheet containing instructions for completion of this form is included.

 Download Form 700: Project Personnel Data Form

Technical Reports


The completed Final Project Report is due within 30 days of the termination date of the award.

Please indicate your AWARD NUMBER (format XY#-####) on all submitted documents.

The Final Project Report must be submitted as follows:

  • The US and Georgian Principal Investigators must jointly complete the Final Project Report and submit it as ONE electronic document attached to an e-mail message to CRDF/GRDF (;
  • One Principal Investigator should send this email message and copy (“cc”) the other Principal Investigator to indicate that the Report has been jointly completed and approved by both Principal Investigators.
  • Microsoft Word (.doc) format is preferred. However, Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Rich-Text (.rtf) formats are also acceptable.

Information provided by the Principal Investigators in Section I (Public Summary) of the Project Report will be treated as public information and may be used by CRDF/GRDF in publicly-distributed materials. Individual responses provided in the other sections will not be made public without the permission of the Principal Investigators. Information identified as business-confidential will be held in strict confidence. Please do not include business-confidential data in Section I of the Project Report.

All grantees must also complete the required Final Financial Reports, and submit those separately from the Final Project Report.

Please note that under the CRDF/GRDF Award General Conditions governing this award, the final payments for Individual Financial Support and Institutional Support will not be released until the completed Final Project Report and Final Financial Reports have been received and accepted by CRDF/GRDF.


Section I – Public Summary
Section II – Technical Report
Section III – Georgian Team Data
Section IV – US Team Data
Section V – Bibliography of Project-Related Publications
Section VI – Conference Presentation List
Section VII – Supplemental Information (optional)

 Download Georgian Financial Reconciliation

 Download US Financial Reconciliation

 Download Final Technical Report

 Download US Team Questionnaire

 Download Georgian Team Questionnaire

 Download Semiannual Status Report

This form is to be completed and submitted in conjunction with regular Project Status Reports in accordance with the reporting schedule specified in the Project Agreement for all projects involving human research subjects. Submission of this addendum is mandatory for all projects involving human subjects.

 Download Project Status Report Addendum: Human Subjects Research


The form below is the standard CRDF/GRDF form for grantees to request travel payments under CRDF/GRDF awards.

 Download Form 400: Travel Request Form