Under STEP, Business Partnership Grant Program had been announced 6 times, with significant co-funding (approx. 80%) of the Georgia National Science Foundation. Objective of this program is promotion of research and development (R&D) partnerships between companies and Science Teams to develop new commercial opportunities of economic benefit to both parties. Projects had to have R&D as their core task and had to include preliminary market assessment, customer needs analysis, and business development components. The fact should be mentioned that at least 15% of company cash contribution was mandatory.


Since 2012 “From Idea to Market” grant competition has been announced. “From Idea to Market” Young Tech Innovators Competition is designed to support idea and startup stage young tech innovators in Georgia through funding and mentorship. The main goal of this program is to develop Georgia’s innovation capacity by fostering entrepreneurial culture, promoting development of relevant skills among youth enrolled in S&T focused university programs in Georgia and supporting and enabling startup formation.


Totally, under this program more than 40 innovative projects have been funded.

Outputs of BPG and FIMG programs

-          About  30 innovative technologies were tested (including prototyping). About 20 innovative products have been presented to the market.

-          4 technology based start-up companies have been created

-          Science teams and partner companies/technology based start-up companies received profit up to 4.000.000 Gel.

-          About 30 patent applications (Georgian national and PCT) were filed. Licensing process for 4-5 technologies are under negotiation.

Success stories under the Program are:


Polarization-Holographic Protection System 

Production of Composite Concrete, Its Reinforcement with Basalt Fiber and Wide Use in Civil and Industrial Engineering for Fabrication of Various Structures and Details

Medical Bactericidal Glue GF-6

Low cost technologies of agricultural wastes bioconversion into value added products.

Arrange Modern Nursery and Intensive Orchard of Dwarf Apple

Bread “Margi” Wholesome Food for Everybody 

Commercialization of the dairy starters of Matsoni with improved health beneficial

Development of the standard starter(s) for the Georgian cheese type “Imeruli”

Production of Essential Amino Acid Energetic Beverages

Elaboration of the technology for environmentally appropriate new generation friction materials on the base of domestic raw produce

Intensive Technologies for Production of Certified Grapevine Planting Material

Elaboration of new resource saving technology for the manufacturing of high pressure multistep compressors on the basis of deformable ADI class cast iron.

New Materials for Road Coverings 

Technology of preparation of polyphenol concentrated wines, juices and extracts

Commercialization of the dairy starters of Matsoni with improved health beneficial and biotechnological value

Citrus extract as an effective remedy for the correction of metabolic syndrom

Antiox G

Bacteriophage as a Safe and Cost Effective Decontamination Alternative

Apipuri (Bread enriched with Amino acids, Minerals and Vitamins)

Dietary Fiber-Rich Low-Calorie Food Products

NeoOligos (Piloting of Oligonucleotide Synthesis and Bioinformatics Service in Georgia)